About me

Prior to specializing in order to cash for business, I qualified as a public accountant with Ernst & Young, before moving into Mergers & Acquisitions at EY before moving into industry in 2007 to join Expedia.

I’ve been running inbound payment operations for Expedia globally since 2010 supporting a global team of 250+ collectors, 250,000 partners and over $2bn in collections.

I’m a lapsed member of ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland), I have a degree in law from King’s College London and have been working in finance related roles for 18 years.

Over the time, I’ve built a number of processes, systems and strategies to enable world class collections globally and at ever increasing scale. Not every solution is technical, and many are based in fundamental common sense and basic business courtesy, but I’ve always had a specific focus for taking action based on data, and using quality data metrics to identify where the biggest opportunities lie.

I’m planning on sharing the “non-proprietary” strategies and approaches in this blog as a way to share and learn from others on best practices for the Order to Cash Space.

I currently live in Seattle with my wife, two kids and two puggles.